Metalink Ute Canopies


We have over 700 canopies and 350 Trays on the road – Our custom-built Ute Canopies are made out of aluminium using a box section aluminium frame to support the sheet and a ply or sheet floor. The bottom corners of the frame are reinforced to accommodate the are lift off jacks removal system. Certain Modifications like these are what make our Custom Ute Canopies strong, weatherproof and able to stand the test of time in this tough Australian climate.

On Every Custom Ute Canopy, the doors have a box section frame built into them add strength,- and we use a waterproof hinge to weather proof our Canopies. To lift them open, we use 2 gas struts mounted onto stainless steel brackets, these brackets have adjustment slots, so the height of the open door can be adjusted if need be. The doors are held shut using a 2-point locking system and a single handle [central locking is an option], they can also be insulated and lined with a 1mm aluminium sheet which protects the doors from internal denting, lights are often mounted to the inside of this sheet.

Here at Metalink we have thought long and hard to design and build everything with purpose, looking neat and tidy in our Canopies, and every finished product reflects this!

Our Integrated Canopies use a steel mount system that is sandblasted and epoxy coated to combat any corrosion, these can be changed to suit different brands of vehicles if the canopy needs to be changed over to another Ute.

All of the outside extras are bolted on, we do this so they are easily removed if you need change the setup from Touring to work- or if damage occurs. We can fit poly water tanks and custom aluminium ones. We can also fit pumps, taps etc to the inside of the canopies or underneath the Ute trays. There are many different items that we can design into the build, from solar panels to draws to even a Microwave!  Its during this design Phase you’ll begin to understand that our Custom Aluminium Canopies are just that… Custom!

In our Custom Aluminium Canopies, we fit all 12V and 240V electrical systems in house. We use AGM batteries, Lithium batteries, Redarc systems, C-Tek and Projecta chargers, others on request. We use a wide range of quality proven and assured solar panels including- glass solar panels and semi flexible panels – Various brands and sizes can be used to suit each individual Build.

All of Metalink  Custom Aluminium Ute Canopies are colour coded with automotive 2 Pac paint on the outside and painted white on the inside which is expertly prepared and finished by our own painters on our premises.

If your Looking for a Bespoke Custom Ute Canopy, then Metalink is your One Stop, Custom Canopy Shop!