GALLERY Canopy Accessories

We build all aluminium construction and mostly powder coated and supply and fit a variety of extras.

Water tanks – we build aluminium tanks to custom sizes — we supply RV water tanks and Atlas tanks in food grade plastic all fitted and plumbed.

Diesel tanks — we build custom diesel tanks out of 4mm aluminium with 38mm inlets and 3/8 bsp outlets, these are used as a storage type tank.

Roof Racks – We build all sizes of mesh floor roof racks for our canopies and for 79 series LandCcruisers, we also supply rhino racks and custom bar racks that suit awnings.

Ladders – We build custom ladders for the rear of the canopies with a drop step for easy access. We supply 3 x different types of tyre carriers, standard, fold down and swing away.

Storage – We build internal storage drawers, shelving, mesh barriers, electrical panels etc.

Water Use – We fit hot water systems, showers and heating to our canopies.

Power – We supply and fit all 12V and240V electrical systems in house, AGM Batteries and Lithium Batteries in conjunction with solar panels.

We also build off road trailers to suit our camper canopies with endure outback suspension and storage accessories.