GALLERY – Ute Drop Side Trays

Our custom built Ute trays are made out of all aluminium with a 75mm diameter pipe with 5mm wall thickness head board. You have the choice of pipe or mesh as a cab protector.

The drop sides are a 285mm high x 45mm wide extrusion with stainless steel over centre locks to secure them, we have the option of s/s or ally caps to cover the top of them to protect the paint work.

We use a steel mount system that is sandblasted and epoxy coated, this is bolted to the aluminium channel under the tray, this is much stronger than a welded aluminium mount.


  • Under tray drawers can be fitted, we custom make these so they can be any length or height and have the number plate attached to the face.
  • A variety of water tanks are available standard or custom built out of aluminium or plastic
  • pumps are also fitted to these with wiring to the crank battery or a canopy if fitted.
  • We can fit a removable 75mm rear load rack, these are mounted into a hole in the floor and easily removed.
  • Tool boxes can be fitted under the tray in front or behind the rear wheels, this is a good place to mount an air compressor, we can build these to most shapes. We can build dog boxes fitted to the front of the tray and build shorter drop sides to suit, these are a good spot for a fridge also.
  • We can colour code the trays or leave them plain.